OZ Buckets

OZ Excavator Attachments

Since excavators are such a versatile machine, there is no one-size-fits-all bucket for every job. But making the right choice is important. We at Bunyip Equipment got all your excavator bucket needs covered. We know that a good and smooth bucket is needed for smooth and efficient work. Therefore, we offer our customers only high-quality general purpose buckets for your excavator from OZ Excavator Buckets. These buckets are used for material handling applications. It is attached to the excavator through the help of fasteners and is mechanically operated, Because of its longevity and high-grade metal construction, Oz buckets are one of the most sought-after machine tools in the market today. Don’t worry, we test all our products to ensure our customers like you to only get the best.

OZ buckets are certainly one of the popular names when it comes to the supplier of backhoe buckets, excavators and attachments within Australia. Being known as manufacturers of excavators, wheel loader attachments, skid steer, large machines, customer product design they also manufacture excavation equipment, other excavators, buckets and backhoe attachments

When choosing the right bucket, always check your excavator specifications. The excavator’s size, configuration, desired reach and other specifications will all narrow down your search for the right excavator bucket. Are you in need of a digging bucket or a sieve skeleton bucket? Make sure that you also check the material density and the bucket size capacity to match the requirements you need.  With OZ Buckets, its short pin-to-point design assists with efficient digging, filling and bucket breakout force, making these excavator buckets highly sought-after among contractors that seek quality and longevity. It also has a strong durable construction that can withstand any robust working conditions and is made only with high-quality materials. You can browse our website for other options available.