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One of the most versatile machines, a skid steer loader, is used to dig, collect, lift and move material such as dirt and sand. It is also used to grade, jackhammer cement and load trucks. Other tasks popular with skid steer loaders include spreading material, road sweeping, backfill, site cleanups, turf preparation, loading and unloading material, to name a few. Skid Steer loaders are so multifunctional and light, making it easy to maneuver. With a variety of skid steer attachments available for different applications, here at Bunyip Equipment, we can help you select from our range of trusted manufacturers, so you are sure that the parts and implements you buy are the best in the market. We understand that choosing the right attachments for your skid steer loader can be challenging. But once you familiarise yourself with the uses of each attachment, you can have better efficiency and versatility on the job at hand.

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For example, stick rake attachments are used to clean debris before slashing or mowing or to clean up after storms. A rotary tiller is used to dig into garden soil, moving it into a fine seedbed. If you want to dig and till the soil, a swing hoe is what you need, It will chop through the soil and break it up, allowing you to remove it from the ground. A skid steer hedge trimmer is the one responsible for cutting long grass and bush. It gives you that extra reach to access taller trees. If you have a extra large lawn or you in need of cutting and clearing grass and low ground shrubbery you might want to consider a skid steer slasher. If you are looking for different types of a sieve bucket for your skid steer, loader attachments for sale or skid steer parts in Australia, we’ve got you covered. Bunyip Equipment has a wide range of skid steer attachments in Australia; you won’t need to look for them anywhere. Feel free to browse all our products.