Agricultural Machinery - Farm Equipment

Farming Equipment - Farming Implements

Agricultural machinery is used to cultivate and harvest crops. Since ancient times, farming tools have been used to make farming easier and faster. From small handheld tools such as a hoe, rake, and trowel to farming equipment including field cultivators, tractors, seeders and planters; these tools help farmers save time and effort.

Bunyip Equipment offers all kinds of agriculture accessories that can help you get the job done faster. From chemical sprayers to post-hole diggers, we can guarantee that the equipment we sell is durable and of the highest quality, ensuring that you can do your work safely.

Why Use Farm Equipment?

Farming requires a lot of effort and time, if you want to do your work efficiently, using the best farm equipment is crucial. Some of the benefits of using farming implements are:

Crops can be grown and harvested without disturbing the soil too much.
Farming tools ensure that the soil surface remains protected by an organic cover. 
It can help manage crop rotations for better soil health and to conserve the nutrients from the crops. 
Farm equipment makes it easier for farmers to clean up prunings and general rubbish from the soil.

The size and type of machinery will vary from one farmland to another. If your plot of land is average in size, you won’t need larger equipment. Here at Bunyip Equipment, we offer different sizes of farming equipment that will suit your agricultural needs perfectly.

Farming Made Easier

Farming tools can help in completing agricultural operations efficiently. Not only will you be saving time, but investing in high-quality pieces of equipment will help you save money in the long run. Our farming implements at Bunyip Equipment will effectively reduce labour and aid in cultivating successful farmlands. 

Check out these types of farming equipment and their uses that you can buy at Bunyip Equipment:

Wrapped Bale Grab

Transporting your bales can be time-consuming and tiresome. The Himac Wrapped Bale Grabs are great for transporting bales and other matter easier. It has a 2-meter opening and is designed with bars that allow a secure grip on square and round bales. 

Silvan 60 Litre Fertiliser Spreader

If you are looking for a faster way of fertilising your plants, crops and lawns, the Silvan 60 Litre Fertiliser Spreader is the tool for that. This is a motorised fertiliser spreader designed to reach places that are hard to reach by traditional tractors. It is also suitable for all types of weather.

Kanga Post Hole Digger

The Kanga Post Hole Digger is ideal for landscapers, farmers, and building contractors. This machinery attachment can dig holes efficiently and quickly, even in tough soil conditions, and it comes in various sizes, such as the M Range and Mini Range. The augers are sold separately and come in ranges of 100mm - 300mm.

Kanga Pasture Harrow Rake

Spreading animal and organic matter is a tough job for farmers. The Kanga Pasture Harrow Rake can be used to lightly scarify the soil so the ground can catch rain thus, increasing the moisture penetration for your crops. This rake can remove the clumps in soil, animal manure, and coarse vegetation.

Silvan 15m Spring Retractable Hose Reel

The Silvan 15m Spring Retractable Hose Reel is suitable for water, air, and agricultural chemicals you need to implement on your farm. It is ideal for linkage sprayers and can also be mounted on your workshop wall.

You can check out many other farming tools and earthmoving equipment that you need from Bunyip Equipment.