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Farm Machinery & Equipment to Guarantee You Get the Job Done

Agricultural machinery is used to cultivate and harvest crops, but no matter what their specific purpose, tools and machinery are used to make farming easier and faster. From small accessories, such as pumps, hoses and booms, to large-scale equipment like field harrows, rippers, forks and rakes; agricultural equipment helps farmers save time and energy. These abilities are what make farm machinery so important, with the aim to help farmers maintain a healthy work–life balance and save them from placing unnecessary stress on their bodies.

At Bunyip Equipment, we understand how important it is for farmers to have access to agricultural hardware and accessories that make their lives easier. With handy, high-quality and durable products like chemical sprayers, post-hole diggers, even pressure cleaners, our equipment will guarantee you improved ease and safety as you carry out your farming duties.

What Is the Importance of Agricultural Machinery?

Labour Reduction

Farming can feel never ending. It can be difficult to knock off at the end of the day with these kinds of responsibilities demanding your attention. This is why it’s so important to make efforts to work efficiently. Using the best possible agricultural machinery is crucial in working quickly and effectively, and this is just one of the benefits of investing in quality farming implements. Choosing high-quality pieces of equipment will also help you save money in the long run. At Bunyip Equipment, all of our farming machinery is designed with the intent to reduce labour and aid the cultivation of successful farmlands.

Soil Conservation

With agricultural hardware, crops can be grown and harvested without disturbing the soil too much. Land clearing and preparation is the first step toward successful farming and farm equipment can also help manage crop rotations, which ensures better soil health and conservation of crop nutrients. Additionally, proper farming hardware makes it easier for farmers to clean up prunings and general rubbish from the soil.

What Types of Agricultural Equipment & Machinery Do You Need?

It is important to remember that the size and type of machinery attachments needed will vary from one farm to the next. Also, consider your existing machines suitability, capabilities and limitations. Luckily, here at Bunyip Equipment, we offer different types and sizes of farming equipment to suit your agricultural needs perfectly and have a team that can answer all of your questions.

Tractor Implements

Tractor implements such as pallet forks, landscaping rakes and tree pullers can give your tractor complete versatility. For example, bale grabs make the exercise of transporting hay bales much easier and more efficient, without piercing the bale or wrappings. A post hole digger can make fence repair simple, with the use of your tractor. We also have rakes that can be used to remove the clumps in soil, animal manure and coarse vegetation. Other tractor implements you might find useful include earthdrills, harrows and feed out forks, to name a few.

Diesel Tanks

Having the means to make your machinery work is just as important as knowing what agricultural equipment to use. At Bunyip Equipment, we have a wide range of 200L diesel tanks, 12 volt diesel pumps and diesel transfer tanks to choose from. These necessities all contribute to the pumping of diesel into the cylinder, and then injecting it into another machine, engine or piece of equipment so you’re never caught without and can get on with the job.

Sprayers & Accessories

Protecting crops from disease and pests is vital to ensure a successful yield. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have a range of sprayers and accessories on hand. We can help you with the smallest of accessories and nozzles, through to backpack sprayers and larger tanks and booms.

Auger Accessories

While an auger is a handy piece of equipment in itself, there are also a variety of attachments to choose from on our website so you can get more out of your auger. With the right attachment, you can dig holes efficiently and quickly, even in tough soil, rocks or clay. We even have wear parts australia to suit Australia’s favourite auger brands, including auger teeth, pins and locks.

Why Should You Choose Bunyip Equipment?

The sheer range of farming tools and earthmoving equipment at Bunyip Equipment is unmatched. We are an Australian family-owned and operated business with first-hand experience in machinery attachments for agricultural equipment. With our extensive history in the earthmoving equipment industry, we can find you the perfect attachments and accessories to get your job done smarter, not harder.

Find Agriculture Hardware, Machinery & More Fast

Increase productivity while making your life easier by shopping farm machinery at Bunyip Equipment. Find life-changing products at affordable prices now.

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