Farm Accessories

Accessories for Easier, Improved Farming

Farming and agriculture is a noble livelihood, feeding Australia with fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables. Plus, we know how much love and care you put into growing your crops. That's why we, at Bunyip Equipment, are committed to supplying the best in farming machinery and accessories to help make your regular tasks a little easier.

A Great Variety of Farm Accessories

Fast Fertiliser Spreaders

Evenly distribute fertilisers across your crops with your choice of fertiliser spreader. Fertilisers can cost a lot, even as much as a third of your operating costs. That's why you want to make sure you're spreading your fertiliser evenly and efficiently across the field. Our fertiliser spreaders are agricultural accessories that offer efficient fertiliser spreading across open fields, ditches, vineyards, orchards and more, saving you a lot of money in the long run, not to mention hours of effort!

Neat Garden Hose Reels

Keep outdoor spaces clean and orderly with a garden hose that winds up quickly and neatly! The best thing about garden hose reels is you can have them in a wheel-cart for easy use and transport or wall-mounted to allow you to easily tuck a hose away when not in use.

Quality Towbar Boom Sprayers

You don't have to break your back applying fertilisers and pesticides. Our towbar spray booms are designed to attach to a ute or ATV vehicle, providing about 1–4 metres of spray coverage. These booms will be your companions for efficiently distributing fertilisers and pesticides, thanks to their accurate and precise spray nozzles. They can even help you control firebreaks.

Convenient Boomless Nozzle Kits

With our boomless sprayer nozzle kits, you'll be giving your spot sprayer an upgrade. Get greater spraying coverage and easily spray fields, ditches, fence lines and more! As applications change, you can easily adjust the boom brackets and spray for the perfect height. In addition, you can control your sprayer pressure with the included robust pressure regulator, gauge and shut-off valve.

Trust Bunyip Equipment

Bunyip Equipment is a family-owned business based in Australia, with a long history in the earthmoving equipment industry. We specialise in attachments for construction and farming hardware, plus spare parts and accessories. So whether you need farm machinery or just general trade supplies, you'll find it here at Bunyip Equipment for an awesome price!

Upgrade Your Farming Today!

For faster, smarter farming, you need farm accessories made from high-quality materials and designed to last. You’ll find them all and more at Bunyip Equipment today!

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