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While excavators can take the hard work out of digging by hand, it is the excavator bucket that actually determines whether the machine digs the ground quickly or is powerful enough. The excavation digging speed, fuel use, operation time, service, and spare costs are determined by how the excavator moves through the ground.

Thankfully, we at Bunyip Equipment, only stock the best excavator buckets there are in the market, ei engineering. Ei engineering designs and manufactures excavator attachments and buckets that can give excavators, regardless of the brand, more break-out and more power to the ground. With the efficient work of these buckets, you can definitely save a lot on fuel, operator costs, as well as service and spare part costs.

Also, ei engineering excavator attachments and buckets are constructed from high strength steel for durability and longevity. These attachments are 3 times stronger and 3 times more abrasion resistant compared to mild steel which makes them ideal for working in tough conditions. The revolutionary wide bucket design uses Precision Geometry to cut through the ground efficiently while its self-fill action maximises the bucket fill.

The high-performance attachments are perfectly designed with a multi-fit variable to pick up and can fit onto any EOM excavator and it is available for  5-tonne to 30-tonne excavators. These excavator attachments and buckets are proven and tested by out time so that you will only get the best product there is. Ei engineering offers not only efficiency but savings and strength on all their excavator buckets

Working through the ground more efficiently means less machine power needed to move the material, therefore, less fuel usage. This is not just any excavator bucket, this is a bucket that’s designed to move through the earth easier and quicker. Check out all the ei engineering products we have.