Stucchi Hydraulic Couplings

If you own many types of machinery, such as tractors and excavators, machine coupling may be something you are familiar with. Hydraulic couplings are used to connect two separate parts of equipment. This allows the hydraulic power from your machine pump to be transmitted to another.

Contractors do quick couplings to adjust the variable speed and volume of liquid pushing through the pump impeller. Since you have two impellers using the same casing, the hydraulic couplings will push the fluid into the same casing towards the runner, which causes the output shaft of your machine to rotate. Here at Bunyip Equipment, we offer hydraulic couplings manufactured by Stucchi.

Stucchi Coupler

Founded in 1960 by Stucchi brothers Innocente and Lorenzo in Pagazzano, Italy, the company began as an innovative screw machine shop. It grew to produce hydraulic couplers in the mid-1970s and flat face couplers in 1983. Now, Stucchi manufactures quality and reliable coupling products that can meet all your needs.

Hydraulic transmission using Stucchi Quick Couplings

If you are a beginner in hydraulic transmission technology, you are probably still learning about quick couplings. You will need a device such as Stucchi Hydraulic Couplings to modify and transmit the rotary motion or turning force (torque) Couplings are used in all types of machinery attachments or to connect auger torque equipment. There are mainly two types of hydraulic power transmission systems:

Hydrokinetic System

The first type of hydraulic power transmission system is through hydrokinetics. This includes hydraulic couplings and hydraulic converters for torque. Bunyip Equipment has hydraulic coupling devices that allow you to link two rotatable shafts together.

Hydrostatic System

This system uses the pressure energy of the liquid due to the increasing weight of liquid exerting downward force from above. Hydrostatic pressure happens when the fluid at equilibrium is pushed down due to the force of gravity.

Stucchi Hydraulic Couplings for Agriculture

Having a strong and reliable hydraulic power source is essential if you are in the farming and agriculture industries. Your crops will need an efficient water pump, and for the maintenance of your buildings. This is why many farmers and contractors opt for hydraulic hose coupling. 

Hydraulic hose coupling will allow you to connect auxiliary circuits on excavators, fire fighting water pumps, and other types of agricultural and machine equipment. Stucchi Hydraulic Couplings are compatible with most brands such as Faster, Parker, and Eaton and Hansen.

Our hydraulic coupling products all pass the construction industry standards with an ISO of 16028 for Couplings. Here are some of the details and specifications of the Stucchi Quick Couplings we offer:

This set of genuine Stucchi ½" Male & Female Hydraulic Couplings are made from Italy to ensure its high quality and durability. It has an impressive flow rate of 15-80 LPM (Litres per minute) and an operating pressure of up to 300 bar.

The package includes:

  • ½" Male ISO Poppet Coupling
  • ½" Female ISO Poppet Coupling

The Stucchi Hydraulic Poppet Couplings are made from zinc and carbon steel to withstand heavy-duty usage. It also has a locking ball system for a quick connection in a snap. These popper couplings are guaranteed to be balanced and well-calibrated to minimise fluid leaks and avoid pressure drops.

Stucchi 1/2" BSP Hydraulic Flat Face Couplings

Like the Stucchi Hydraulic Poppet Couplings, the Stucchi Flat Face Couplings are also made from high-quality materials like zinc and carbon steel. Flat face couplings are generally easier to clean, reducing the chances of contamination inside your hydraulic circuit. 

This set has a flow rate of 24-1000 LPM and an operating temperature between -20 to 100 Degrees. It is ideal for contractors and farmers operating under extreme weather conditions and more durable hydraulic coupling accessories.

The Stucchi Hydraulic Flat Face Couplings come in ½ inch and ¾ inch sizes. The package includes:

  • ½" or ¾" Male Flat Face Coupling
  • ½" or ¾" Female Flat Face Coupling

Stucchi at Bunyip Equipement

If you are looking for Stucchi hydraulic and quick couplings, you have come to the right place. Bunyip Equipment offers a wide range of Stucchi couplings that can address all of your needs. All the products we offer come from trusted manufacturers so you are sure that you only get the best products you can find in the market. Feel free to browse all our products.