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An excavator is one of the most versatile and reliable heavy equipment you can have on a worksite. Through this machinery, you can bring power and utility on the field, with its variety of attachments you can use for different types of jobs. From clearing a brush thicket to digging a trench or levelling a lot, you’ll be able to find the right excavator attachments perfect for the job you have at hand. Here at Bunyip Equipment, we have a variety of excavator parts and attachments you can choose from. We also have mini excavator parts. No need to look any further for excavator attachments because we’ve got you covered. With all the excavator and mini excavator attachments, it can be overwhelming to narrow it down to the one that’s perfect and most suited. Knowing each attachment’s capabilities can help you in the purchasing process. Here are some of our common ones:

Excavator Attachments Australia - Excavator Parts Australia - Mini Excavator Parts

  • Bucket - This is a classic excavator attachment and is mainly used to move around different material, dig deep holes, scrape and level the ground. It is also used to set foundations.                         
  • Auger - If you need dig holes, then auger is the attachment for you. Auger excavator attachments allows you to dig precise and asymmetrical holes with ease. It is often used on construction sites and landscaping jobs.
  • Trencher - This is used to dig trenches, especially for electrical cables, laying pipes, or installing drainage. Excavator trenchers can also be used for downspouts in landscaping.
  • Hedge trimmer - If you need extra-long cutting reach to access tall trees and deeper hedges, a excavator hedge trimmer is the excavator attachment for you. It is also ideal for cutting long grass and bush.
With a wide variety of attachments, you can turn your excavator into all-arounder machine. No need to look for excavator attachments suppliers or excavator parts in Australia, because here at Bunyip Equipment, we have everything you need. Feel free to browse all our excavator attachments and parts.