Excavator Attachments and Parts

Tackle Big Jobs With Excavator Attachments Made for Australia

Utilise the power and versatility of your excavator with our selection of excavator attachments! Here at Bunyip Equipment, we have a variety of excavator and mini excavator attachments to perform the most demanding tasks on your worksite. From clearing a brush thicket to digging a trench or levelling a lot, you can find the right excavator attachments perfect for your job.

A Range of High-Performance Excavator Parts

With various machinery attachments, you can turn your excavator into an all-rounder machine! There is no need to look for excavator attachments suppliers or excavator parts elsewhere in Australia, because here at Bunyip Equipment, we have everything you need. Feel free to browse all our excavator attachments and parts.

Move Large, Heavy Materials With Excavator Buckets

Excavator buckets are a classic excavator attachment and are mainly used to move around different materials, clear material and earth , and scrape and level the ground. They can also be used to set foundations.

Drill Deep and Precise Holes With Auger Excavator Attachments

If you need to dig holes, then an auger is the attachment for you. With a hydraulic spiral blade, auger excavator attachments allow you to quickly drill precise and asymmetrical holes. They are often used on construction sites and landscaping jobs.

Dig Narrow Trenches With Excavator Trenchers

Quickly cut through dirt with excavator trenchers. This attachment is used to dig precise trenches, without hassle. They are also the attachment of choice for trades needing to lay electrical cables, pipes or installing drainage. Excavator trenchers can also be used for downspouts in landscaping.

Trim & Tidy Trees With Precision & Ease With Hedge Trimmers

If you need extra-long cutting reach to access tall trees and deeper hedges, an excavator hedge trimmer is the excavator attachment for you. It is also ideal for cutting long grass and bush.

Why Buy From Bunyip Equipment?

Bunyip Equipment is an all-Australian family-owned business supplying construction machinery attachments and agricultural equipment. Discover high-quality general trade equipment to get your work done quickly and effectively. Choose from specialist items, like concrete compactor to general all-rounders, like pressure cleaners. We take pride in our reputation for stocking products with a high standard of quality and durability. Sourcing high-quality products, with genius design and renowned manufacturing is our specialty.

Moreover, we have a team of product experts ready anytime you need to ask for help. Being in the industry for a long time has earned us knowledge and skills to help you select the perfect tool or piece of equipment. So whether you have any inquiry, like ‘What attachments can you get for a mini excavator?’ or question about a product, we’re more than happy to assist you.

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Looking for excavator attachments in Melbourne? Look no further! Bunyip Equipment supplies excavator and mini excavator attachments for your construction projects. Shop now!

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