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In an ever-changing landscape, cutting-edge technology is needed to deliver efficient earthmoving work. We know that finding the right product might be difficult, that's why Bunyip Equipment has only the best excavator rubber tracks you can find. DRTtrax has high-quality, revolutionary excavator rubber tracks that deliver impeccable performance.These excavator tracks are surely built to last even on the toughest field.The powerful traction of DRTtrax excavator rubber tracks can drive any excavator over rough terrain. Now, earthmoving, demolition, construction and landscaping applications will be handled with ease.

DRTtrax is a known brand for rubber pads, rubber tracks, after-market undercarriage components, track loaders, solid tyres, and over tyre tracks that would suit excavators, and skid steers. The brand was established after years of technical knowledge and experience in the industry. These products were made to specially suit the Australian conditions, making sure to provide a balance of reliability in the performance yet with realistic and suitable pricing. We understand the value of productivity, that’s why our goal is to supply you the correct rubber track fitting in order to ensure maximum wear-life and guarantee minimal downtime. This gives you peace of mind and value for your money. All of these products are tested to make sure that you will only get the finest excavator rubber tracks possible.

Boasting with the quality of the products, DRTtrax excavator tracks are strongly built to endure challenging working conditions that heavy equipment are known to be subjected to, each centimetre of this product was made to plough through even the toughest terrain. All rubber trackers were manufactured utilising high tensile copper-coated (for corrosion protection and superior binding strength) and a carefully selected non-recycled virgin natural and synthetic rubbers to fully optimise flexibility, tear and cut abrasion resistance. Check out our list of DRTtrax products.