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Crommelins: A Trusted Name in Farm Machinery & More

At Bunyip Equipment, we have exceptionally high standards: that’s why we choose to stock Crommelins. This is because we know trade farm machinery is a huge investment, and something that will massively affect the ease, safety and productivity of your day-to-day work. When the stakes are this high, you cannot waste your money on dangerously cheap and ineffective equipment. You will also need to consider the specific demands of the job you’re intending to do. When you’re choosing a generator, for example, you need to think about whether you’re going to be using it for power tools, electric motors, or heavier equipment. That’s why we want to be able to offer you a range of the best farm machinery available, and Crommelins is up there with the best of them.

Why Should You Choose Crommelins?

Crommelins is a supplier of choice to the construction industry. They are known for providing high-quality portable powered products. Plus, as they’ve been manufacturing power equipment for more than 60 years, with to date more than 40 different petrol and diesel-powered generators and the highest-quality power products including water pumps, sealers, pressure washers and more, Crommelins is an obvious and reliable choice for just about any job.

Crommelins: Useful Features & Why You Need One of Their Products

The Crommelins range focuses on ease-of-use and transportability for agricultural and industrial work, or even just a bit of heavy-duty DIY. They’ve got groundhog trenchers with set digging depths for your convenience, as well as heavy-duty earthdrills. Along with other auger drill bit, you can also find several varieties of Crommelins post hole diggers with replaceable pilot and digging blades. Crommelins’ plate compactors are popular among pavers, contractors and hire companies for their ability to clamp dampening mats during paving jobs. Ideal for house pads and tilt panels, you can also enjoy the benefits of a power trowel with easy-to-reach throttle control. In terms of generators, the Crommelins Outback Inverter generator is compact and lightweight enough to take camping and caravanning, while providing enough juice to power small tools and fridges, and even has a fuel-saving eco mode. Whatever the job at hand, chances are there’s a Crommelins tool to help you get it done.

What We’re About at Bunyip Equipment

We take the supply of agricultural and industrial equipment and machinery very seriously at Bunyip Equipment, because we know how important it is to practise safe and effective work methods. We ensure that all products, from excavator equipment to generators, go through rigorous testing prior to delivery to ensure you get your money’s worth. Even smaller products such as those found within our auger packages are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, so there’s never any need to worry. With Bunyip Equipment, you can buy with confidence.

Shop Unbeatable Crommelins Products at Bunyip Equipment

For exceptional quality, you can’t go past the pairing of Bunyip Equipment and Crommelins. Shop Crommelins machinery and make your work day a breeze!

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