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Spraying Equipment for Weeds - Agricultural Spraying Equipment - Herbicide Sprayer

Do you need spraying equipment that’s easy to use, light and doesn’t break the bank? Or do you need to replace your old, leaky, and cracked sprayers? Even though spraying equipment can look very similar, they have different functionality and benefits. Sprayers are used to apply liquid herbicides, insecticides, and fertilizers around a home, yard, or a farm. But with multiple spraying equipment available on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you.

Don’t worry, here at Bunyip Equipment, we have a variety of sprayers perfect for your needs. From 12v sprayerspot sprayers, trailer sprayers, spraying equipment for weeds, and agricultural spraying equipment, we’ve got the lot. 

Here at Bunyip Equipment, we have a wide range of spraying equipment from trusted manufacturers We also offer diesel tanks, diesel fuel pumps and water tanks for fire fighting and other application including petrol water pumps. Feel free to browse all our products