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Choosing the right bucket teeth for your excavator or loader is crucial because it contributes to the efficiency of the equipment. Allowing your machinery to work at its highest potential. Most of the time, when you purchase a new excavator bucket, rock augers or Digga auger, it includes teeth but it's usually not suited for a particular job. To make the most out of your bucket attachments, you need to make sure that you partner it with the right teeth. That’s why here at Bunyip Equipment, we have a wide range of bucket teeth and wear parts to choose from. No need to look for bucket teeth suppliers and wear parts in Australia because we’ve got you covered. 
Here’s what you should consider when buying the right bucket teeth:


  • The shape of the teeth - One of the most vital parts in a bucket tooth is its length and shape. The shapes include wider teeth that diminish to a blunt point and narrower teeth with sharper points. For example, a wide bucket tooth places more surface area against the material and generally works for excavating applications. 
  • Hardened materials - Loaders and excavators can use forged hardened bucket teeth. These hardened, forged teeth are designed to resist abrasion and impact. These teeth made from Tungsten, carbon, nickel, chromium, and molybdenum steel offer more durability and tensile strength compared to standard-duty ductile iron teeth.
  • Penetration teeth - If you are penetrating softer and dense materials, you will need bucket teeth that have chisel-edge point and centre ribs for additional support. If you need to penetrate harder materials, such as sedimentary rock, you’ll need single pick bucket teeth with sharp delta points.


If you are looking for excavator wear parts and bucket teeth, Bunyip Equipment offers a wide range of products. Feel free to browse all excavator bucket wear parts to find the one that suits your needs.