Telehandler Attachments

Lift With Versatility, Thanks to These Telehandler Attachments

A telescopic handler, or telehandler, is a hydraulic machine and when you add attachments to them, they become a real game changer in construction and farming. They offer a powerful load-lifting capacity similar to a forklift but with the lifting range of a crane. These units come with a telescopic boom equipped with various attachments for various functions. If you pair your telehandler with the right implements, you'll gain the functions of other machines, but with the added bonus of extra height!

What Is the Purpose of Telehandler Attachments?

Just as skid steers can become invaluable pieces of machinery with the right machinery attachments, your telehandler can be one of the most versatile machines in your arsenal thanks to the right implements. Depending on the attachment type, you'll be able to dig, lift, move and spread in whatever ways you require. Industry-specific tasks can also be completed with your telehandler, such as concrete mixing and pouring, site cleanups, vegetation removal, group preparation and agricultural jobs. This can be a bonus for trickier jobs where space may be at a premium or if you are limited by your machinery availability. It can also be a way to ensure cost-effectiveness, transforming your telehandler into an ‘all in one’, with the addition of new attachments.

Standard Carriage

A standard carriage is one of the most popular attachments on a construction site. You can adjust it from side to side and position it in the best way possible, allowing you to pick and place materials. This is very useful when moving various items around your site, especially if you’re fixing a load on a surface that is not level.

Work Platform

The work platform allows workers to access remote areas on site. Depending on its size, the work platform can accommodate a few workers all at once, allowing them to work safely and efficiently in hard-to-reach areas. Work platforms can be adapted to suit various functions, including renovations, roofing, installation jobs and the maintenance of other industrial equipment. They are super versatile, offering different maximum lifting heights and giving you flexibility in terms of how far you need them to reach. With a work platform, you’ll have enough room to fit your employees, their toolkits and even small machinery in order to complete the job at hand.

Pallet Forks

Pallet forks provide additional support to the telehandler as they lift and handle different materials. The pallet fork width can easily be adjusted with it’s sliding tynes. These telehandler attachments are used across various industries and are often used in construction to lift packaged goods, such as bricks. Pallet forks have two separate forks to help support the weight of the load. Due to its stability, a pallet fork is especially valuable when lifting loads onto uneven ground. They are the best choice if you’re working on sites where you can't rely on having a flat surface.


Telehandler bucket attachments come in various sizes and types, including GP buckets, grapple buckets, sieving buckets and more. These telehandler buckets are built for rugged use, and some even come standard with bucket teeth or cutting edges, depending on what you need. They are designed to be robust and are capable of scooping up different construction materials, such as loose debris and gravel.


Auger attachments give your telehandler the ability to dig holes, drill post holes, mix and pour cement, and grind stumps. A crommelins auger attachment is very powerful and capable of breaking through even the most rigid materials. This is because of its strong hydraulics, which allow it to tackle any soil condition with ease and efficiency. Even in rugged and rocky soil, the high torque keeps the auger steady and robust to complete the job efficiently.

Big Bag Lifters

A telehandler's big bag lifter attachment is comprised of two long prongs with stopping blocks on the ends attached to the telehandler. This attachment is used to lift any number of large, heavy bags depending on your requirements. Considering how long it would take to load a lorry or truck manually, a telehandler big bag lifter is extremely handy. It also helps protect the workforce from injuries and fatigue as you are not relying on manual labour. When considering this particular telehandler implement, you might be curious as to whether telehandlers can be driven on the road. The good news is that they can, as long as they have been conditionally registered to be used in the relevant areas. Alternatively, you can transport large pieces of machinery like this using steel loading ramps.

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