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When it comes to improving productivity on construction sites and job sites, several factors can help. But one of the most vital factors is choosing the correct excavator buckets for the job application. Most excavator operators will gravitate toward using a standard bucket for all kinds of applications. However, this isn’t ideal and may negatively impact the overall productivity of the project. When you use a standard bucket rather than a trenching bucket in deep digging or trenching applications, it may result in decreased efficiency. No need to worry, here at Bunyip Equipment, we have a variety of excavator buckets for sale and mini excavator buckets that can be used in different types of jobs.
Before choosing an excavator bucket, you need to consider the application the bucket will be used in. You must also consider the density of the heaviest material, the accessories, and the coupling systems for quicker attachment changes. Make sure to check that the bucket you’ll be purchasing does not exceed your machine’s operating capacity. Here are other tips that can help you choose the right bucket:

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  • When choosing a bucket type, make sure to keep the soil condition in mind. There are two primary buckets to choose from heavy-duty and severe-duty buckets. The most common bucket for almost all types of soil condition is the heavy-duty one. Still, if you’ll be handling an abrasive material with heavy or severe digging, you’ll need the severe-duty buckets.
  • Keep in mind your digging needs when selecting a trenching bucket, ditching bucket, grabing bucket or choosing an angle tilt bucket. Each has its own use. Make sure that the one you choose complements your digging needs.
Whether you’re looking for excavator buckets for sale in Melbourne, or excavator buckets in Australia, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive range of buckets will suit any of your digging needs. Feel free to browse all our products.