Excavator Attachments

Dig into Our Wide Range of Excavator Buckets & Their Multiple Uses

The construction site requires labour that matches its grand scale. Of course, it's pretty impossible to rely on manpower alone — you'll need a heavy-duty excavator to complete many jobs on a construction site or even on your own property. Plus, given worksites' challenging and complex natures, you may need more than one excavator attachment to get the job done. The excavator bucket is the most popular among all attachments. And there's no wonder why: they accomplish the most for the first phase of many construction projects.

A Wide Selection of Excavator Buckets

Sure, a standard excavator bucket can do various excavating jobs. But using a specialised excavator bucket can provide better results and speed up the work. You can even find specially designed buckets for different machinery, like telehandler attachments and tractors.

However, when it comes to improving productivity on your site in general, excavators are a must-have for the most challenging excavation work. But, while most excavator operators will gravitate toward a standard digging bucket for all applications, having a specific bucket type will give you the efficiency you need. At Bunyip Equipment, we have a variety of excavator buckets for sale to suit all kinds of excavation needs across Australia.

Digging Excavator Bucket

Digging excavator buckets are primarily for digging through surfaces, ranging from hard soil to rocks. A jack-of-all-trades, digging excavator buckets are suitable for various conditions. These buckets also come in different sizes to meet the surface's demands in question. As a result, a knowledgeable operator will be able to dig efficiently, just as long as safety is kept in mind.

Rock Excavator Bucket

With long, sharp teeth, a rock excavator bucket will dig through hard rocky surfaces. This bucket is built with reinforcement in mind to handle a tough job with little to no damage. With a set of sharp teeth, a rock bucket packs a powerful punch. Many tough, rigid surfaces will often have rocks that cannot be penetrated easily, but a rock bucket can get through these with ease.

Clean-Up Excavator Bucket

After a busy day on the site, you can expect heaps of debris lying around. A clean-up excavator bucket makes tidying up simpler. These buckets do not intimidate with size and teeth, but they are still super effective. The best thing about these buckets is they keep maintenance costs low. You'll be saving money on labour when it comes to cleaning, so that you can expend time, energy and budget elsewhere on the project.

If you’re looking to clean up on a smaller scale, you can also look at a range of tractor attachments, including rake and rock buckets. These are perfect for agricultural projects that may require less digging than an excavator is worth using for.

Skeleton Excavator Bucket

Some excavating jobs require more delicate handling, and this is where a skeleton bucket comes in. A skeleton bucket is a modified bucket that allows you to separate finer materials when digging. They have gapped teeth so you can sift larger chunks of substances from the ground. When you only have to excavate certain materials from the ground, a skeleton bucket is what you need.

V Bucket

A V-bucket is your partner for areas that require trenches to be dug. Its V-shaped design allows your excavator to dig an appropriately sized trench or channel easily. They can also be used to make space for cables to prevent a safety hazard for the ground team.

Auger Excavator Bucket

In terms of multipurpose functionality, an auger bucket is genuinely unparalleled. This type of excavator bucket is highly versatile, allowing multiple digging jobs to be done altogether. So when the clock is ticking, and you have a deadline to beat, an auger excavator bucket will enable you to perform various tasks such as digging, scraping, and clearing in record time.

Choose the Perfect Excavator Bucket for the Job With Bunyip Equipment

Since no two excavator jobs are alike, different buckets will be used in different scenarios. Keep in mind your digging needs when selecting whether a digging bucket, a skeleton bucket or a v-bucket is the one for your job. Each has its use, so make sure that you choose the one that complements your digging needs.

Are you looking for excavator buckets for sale in Melbourne? We've got you covered! Our extensive range of excavator and mini excavator buckets will suit any of your digging needs. Plus, if you ever need any other machinery attachments, like for your mini skid steer attachments, we have those too! Explore Bunyip Equipment’s range today!

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