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10 x Auger Teeth


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30mm Hood Pin


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4 x Auger Teeth


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6 x Auger Teeth


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All the Auger Products You Could Ever Need, Including Plenty of Teeth!

When it comes to auger packages, you want something that gives you plenty of power, while suiting your project. You need to base your decision on the number, size and depth of the holes you need. The soil type can also have an impact on your choice. Apart from the machine itself, another thing you should consider is the auger parts and packages available, as these add great value for money. With the right parts and packages, your auger can be more productive and efficient, as well as tackle a wider range of tasks.

Find the Right Auger Attachments for Your Needs

To find the right auger parts for your equipment, you must first familiarise yourself with the options. With sharp points and rugged cutting surfaces, auger pilots can dig into the toughest soil around. Conversely, earth drills and augers are specially designed to drill holes into many types of surfaces, including rock and clay. You can also get auger parts designed for specific jobs. For instance, digger auger are specifically for creating the perfect holes for fencing purposes, whereas stump planers are simple attachments that will enable the clean and easy removal of tree stumps.

Similarly, if you’re wondering if you can use an auger tooth in wet soil, it’s all about choosing the right tools for the job. An auger fitted with teeth that are designed specific in shape and edge, can cut through dense material, such as clay, with less resistance, so you’ll have a much easier time using these than drilling with, say, a rock drill which will not remove the clay as effectively. Alternatively, if you are using other augers in wet conditions you may clog the end of your auger with wet grass and vegetation. Generally, auger teeth are ideal for use in light to moderate conditions.

Replacing auger parts is also one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your auger working smoothly. Replacing an auger tooth, for example, is cheaper than replacing the auger itself. It is useful to note that we also have auger packages that are perfect for replacing multiple parts. These might include multiple auger teeth, tooth aggressors, pins and clips, hole cleaners, mixer bowls and pin hitches, just to name a few.

Why Bunyip Equipment Should Be Your Go-To Store

If you are looking for auger packages, check out Bunyip Equipment’s wide range of parts. All auger products are from trusted manufacturers, so you can be sure that you’ll only purchase high-quality items. We have a wide range of useful machinery, plus aluminium loading ramps and trailers, so you can move all your farm machinery and auger equipment easily from job to job. As an Australian owned and operated business with a great deal of experience in the agricultural and machinery industry, Bunyip Equipment can help you select the correct machinery and accessories, but also keep them clean and well maintained with our fantastic range of pressure washers.

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