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4 x Auger Teeth image
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4 x Auger Teeth


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10 x Auger Teeth


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Auger Pin & Clip


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30mm Hood Pin


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6 x Auger Teeth


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Auger Tooth


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Auger Teeth - Auger Tooth - Auger Parts - Mini Loader Auger

When it comes to earth augers, its functionality is the same as a power drill. There are different types of augers, and it can come in one or two-person models. When choosing an auger, you need to base it on the number, size and depth of the holes you need. The soil type can also make an impact on your choice. Apart from the machine itself, another thing you should consider with is auger parts and auger packages available to add value to money. Choosing the right parts and packages, it will add more productivity and efficiency to your machinery. Here at Bunyip Equipment, we have a variety of auger packages that work with your earth auger. 

To find the right auger parts for your equipment, you must first familiarise yourself with them. Posthole auger tips dig into the toughest soil with sharp points and rugged cutting surfaces. Augers can be used in so many tasks such as mixing liquids or digging through hard and heavy soil. Whatever tasks you currently have on hand, replaceable auger tips will help customise your earth auger. To keep your auger working smoothly, one of the most cost-effective ways is replacing auger parts. For example, replacing an auger tooth is cheaper than the auger itself. There are also auger packages that are perfect for replacing multiple parts. If you want to maximise drilling and digging efficiency, auger adapters are an ideal part that you should purchase. 

Overall, buying auger parts can further enhance productivity in any job site. Just be sure to purchase the one perfect for the tasks you need to finish. If you are looking for auger packages, be sure to check Bunyip Equipment’s wide range of products. All auger parts are from trusted manufacturers, assuring you that you’ll only purchase high-quality products. We also offer Auger Attachments for Excavators, Skid Steer AccessoriesPlate and Concrete Compactors and also Aluminium Loading Ramps so you can move all your machines and equipment easy and where needed.