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Find All the General Trade Supplies You Need for Farming

There’s nothing like a hard day’s work on the farm. Thankfully, here at Bunyip Equipment, we have a selection of agriculture general trade supplies that will help make farm work a little easier. We carry a variety of durable, high-quality farming and trade machinery tools to fit your needs, from post hole diggers and augers to trenchers. Browse our range now!

Quality General Trade Supplies for Farming

Top-Notch Trenchers

Looking for an easier way to create a trench? We have heavy-duty trenchers that can quickly and efficiently dig a trench for you, saving you plenty in time and labour. The best thing about our trenchers are their versatility. With slim designs, they can fit through narrow gates and get close to walls and fences, for increased accessibility and maximum use.

Premium Post Hole Diggers

Installing a post or building fences on your farm can be time consuming. You’ll need to dig a certain depth to securely keep your poles upright. But with our line of post hole diggers, you don’t have to break a sweat excavating the ground. Our auger attachments can dig holes to a suitable size and depth fast and efficiently, so you can set up a post or picket easily. We offer various sizes and options, so you can choose what fits your requirements best.

Super Star Picket Drivers

Fencing has never been easier! When you don’t need to use an auger to dig a hole, but are looking for some extra help, our star picket or post drivers can help you install posts and pickets into the ground. Don’t break a sweat manually pounding posts; instead, let one of our drivers do it for you. With minimal effort, these simple machines can efficiently hammer your star pickets and posts into the ground.

Why Buy From Bunyip Equipment?

An all-Australian, family-owned business, Bunyip Equipment is a one-stop shop for your construction and agricultural equipment, including spare parts, accessories and even trade generators. Our products are robust and durable for long-term use. Made with high-quality materials, innovative design and excellent craftsmanship, you’ll get years of work out of them.

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Buy quality general trade supplies for agriculture and farming at competitive prices! Find the products to make tough farming chores simple, saving you time, money and effort.

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