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30mm Hood Pin


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Auger Pin & Clip


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Auger Rock Tooth


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When it comes to Earth drilling, you need products that you can rely on. You need products that are not only going to work efficiently beyond your wildest expectations, but also work consistently over a long period of time. You need products that speed up your work and represent a sensible investment in your business or time. When it comes to drilling equipment, Auger Earth Torque products bring all that and more, which is why we at Bunyip Equipment stock a plentiful supply. We pride ourselves on testing each and every product that comes into our shelves, meaning that we only select the very best Auger Torque has to offer.

Not only this, but we go out of our way to provide competitive prices on these high-quality pieces. Auger Torque is one of the industry leaders in terms of drilling equipment, with applications including fencing, landscaping, screw pile installation, well boring, road signage, tree planting, foundation piles, sound barriers, exploration and research, pole installation, mast installation, ground source heat pumps, and much more. Auger Torque has a well-renowned reputation for being a world leader in the niche of auger research and development, which is why we choose to stock their products. We currently have a vast range of earth drills, Auger earth drills, adapters, pins and clips, alignment monitors, mini loaders, MT600s, MT900s, pallet forks, earth teeth, cement mixer bowls, extensions, Auger drill bits, Auger teeth, Auger parts, and much more. Anything and everything you could ever need in terms of drilling can be found on our website, with the latest Auger Torque products above.