Using Pressure Cleaners for Pest Control in Agriculture: Effective Cleaning Strategies

Date Posted: 15 November 2023 

 Using Pressure Cleaners for Pest Control in Agriculture: Effective Cleaning Strategies main image  Using Pressure Cleaners for Pest Control in Agriculture: Effective Cleaning Strategies image

Pressure cleaners are versatile tools that find unexpected applications in agriculture. These high-pressure machines aren’t just for getting your driveway squeaky clean; they can also be incredibly useful in animal husbandry, arable farming and viticulture, and forestry.

Choosing the right spray cleaning machine for your job is a high-pressure situation. Helpful for controlling pests and other nasties, spraying water or other agricultural chemicals may be exactly what you need. In this blog, we’re breaking down when you might need a pressure cleaner, plus some effective cleaning tips to keep your space safe.

Make Your Animal Farm a Clean Dream

A pressure cleaner is an essential tool in maintaining the agricultural areas surrounding pig, cattle, dairy cow, and poultry farms.


Let’s start with pig farming. Pressure cleaners are excellent for cleaning out pig pens and the concrete or dirt floors that pigs trample through. Removing waste and debris with a pressure cleaner helps maintain a healthier and more hygienic environment for the pigs.


Cattle farms benefit from pressure cleaners, too. Cleaning feeding areas, water troughs and milking parlours can be a messy job, but a pressure cleaner will get it done quick-smart. Keeping these areas clean helps prevent the spread of disease and ensures the wellbeing of the cattle.

Dairy Cows

Dairy cow operations often have to contend with dirty barns and milking equipment. Pressure cleaners help keep these areas spotless, maintaining the overall cleanliness and health of the cows, and can be used on the milking equipment itself. A clean dairy farm is less likely to attract pests.


Finally, in poultry farming, pressure cleaners can be used to clean the chicken coops, equipment and feeding areas. Cleanliness is crucial for preventing diseases and ensuring the welfare of the birds.

Your pressure cleaner can double as a sanitation or disinfection system, depending on what agricultural cleaning chemicals are used. Removing the physical waste and debris from farming will discourage pests (like rodents or bugs) and help prevent bacteria and other nasties from growing.

Essential Maintenance Made Easy

Pressure cleaners are the ace up your sleeve for keeping agricultural equipment in tip-top shape. We all know that tractors, barrels, and other machinery can get filthy with mud, and who knows what else after a day’s work in the fields. Plus, dirty equipment is more likely to become a target for pests. That’s where pressure cleaners come to the rescue.


Tractors are the workhorses of the farm — and, boy, do they get dirty. Pressure cleaners blast away mud, grime and grease from every nook and cranny. Our top tip is to use warm water in your pressure cleaner, which will better remove the crusts from your machinery. This not only keeps them looking good but also prevents rust and wear, extending their lifespan.


Now, those barrels used for storage and transport? They can get downright nasty. Pressure cleaners make light work of cleaning them out, making sure that no leftover residue from chemicals or fertiliser compromises your next batch. This is especially important for anyone working in viticulture. We recommend using a pressure washer with a cleaning solution to remove the debris left over after fermentation or ripening. This cleaning strategy removes mould, bacteria and nasties, allowing you to use the barrel again — which, given the price of an oak barrel, is vital for your business.

Farming Equipment

Let’s not forget about other equipment like ploughs, seeders and sprayers. They get dirty in the line of duty, and a pressure cleaner is the go-to tool for maintaining them. Muck or waste will get caught up in the moving parts and will make them more likely to fail — not something you want in the middle of a project. Clean equipment runs more efficiently and lasts longer.

Don’t Get Stumped by Forestry

They’re not just for giving your equipment a spa day; these high-pressure machines can help you avoid forest pest infestations and save your timber from going down the drain.

In the world of forestry, pests can be a real buzzkill. Insects, fungi and other critters love to feast on your precious timber, sometimes leading to devastating losses. This is where our range of pressure cleaners step in. Unfortunately, pests can hitch a ride on your tools and equipment — but a simple cleaning routine with a pressure cleaner can keep them at bay. We always recommend thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting your equipment and vehicles, eliminating the risk of unknowingly spreading pests from one tree to another. It’s like giving your trees a protective shield. Plus, when your equipment is clean, it operates more efficiently, so you can get the job done faster and with less strain on your timber resources.

Buy Your Next Pressure Washer From Bunyip Equipment

In a nutshell, pressure cleaners are the magical cleaning wands of the agricultural world. They help your hardwear stay clean, work better and stick around for the long haul. Plus, clean machinery and spaces are less likely to attract pests and other nasties.

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