Which Auger Drills Will Make Your Agricultural Work Easier?

Date Posted: 22 August 2023 

 Which Auger Drills Will Make Your Agricultural Work Easier? main image  Which Auger Drills Will Make Your Agricultural Work Easier? image

Augers are an essential tool across agricultural fields, whether you’re a hobbyist with a thriving veggie patch or life-long generational farmer. But to really make your auger work for you, you need to know which auger drill bits to use for which jobs.

At a general level, augers have a basic aim: break up something hard and dig a hole. They’re essentially just a larger version of a handheld drill, able to precisely and effectively get through something that you would otherwise struggle with using manual tools. They even have flighting to help pull out the drilled matter so you don’t have to worry about clearing the hole after you’ve dug it.

The precision and effortlessness with which augers can drill through something has a huge range of benefits, from saving you time (and money!) to making sure that no one gets injured from trying to manually dig.


So Which Auger Should You Use?

Of course, as you do with any tool, you need to match your auger to the task at hand.


Digging Holes for Fence Posts

If you’re redoing an old fence or building a new one, an auger can turn what was once back-breaking labour over several days into a short and easy job. For this kind of work, you want an auger that is made for handling soil and a bit of rock, depending on what your land is like. Additionally, you want one that will dig a hole to the dimensions that suit your fence post, unless you feel like having to do a little manual work to scrape it out or fill sections in. So, when picking an auger, be sure to know what your fencing materials are. This will make it far easier to get that match between hole size and post size.

If you’re looking for real convenience though, you can even specifically look for a post hole digger. This is an auger that has been specifically designed for this kind of work. Available in 1 and 2-person options, these are highly durable augers that get the job done better than any person ever could.


Planting Seeds, Saplings & Even Trees

If it’s time to plant your new crop or you’re just doing up the garden, an auger can be a godsend. You can quickly get hundreds of holes perfectly dug to plant whatever you need to without leaving your back aching.

The kind of auger you need will depend on what you’re planting. If it’s seeds, bulbs, seedlings or smaller plants, you can probably get away with a hand auger. People-powered, these augers are very simple. You can either plunge them directly into the soil to create the desired hole or do your own bit of corkscrew action and drill down. Each has their pros and cons; it ultimately depends on what works for you and the ground you’re dealing with.

However, if you’re planting something larger, you’re going to want something a bit heftier. Similar to post hole diggers, there are specialised tree planting augers you can get your hands on. These give you that bigger hole diameter and depth you’ll need to successfully transplant a tree. Although, you could be lucky and find that your post hole digger does the job pretty well too.


Pulling Out Stumps

If you’re clearing land and needing to deal with stumps, an auger can also be your best friend. However, you will need to have a bit of oomph behind it to quickly and cleanly pull out your stumps. Luckily, you’ll find that you can add a stump planer attachment to most earth auger drills. Then it’s a bit like drilling into any old bit of wood in your workshop. Except the aim here is to create a hole that splits the stump — or completely drills it away — making getting rid of the stump a breeze. You can leave the pickaxe and chainsaw in the shed if you’ve got one of these handy.


Breaking Compacted Soil

Whether you’re dealing with poor soil or it’s just been a long time since it last rained, compacted and hard soil can be a nightmare to dig through. Usually. That is, unless you have an auger to hand.

For this kind of work, you want something that has a bit of bite and grunt to it. At times, compacted soil can be as hard as rock, so you want to choose an auger with strong teeth that can churn through the soil. Diameter matters a little less here. You just want to be able to get the job done, but obviously overkill isn’t the idea. You want to still be precise with your digging, so bigger isn’t always better.

Then, once you’ve cleared out the area you had in mind, you can get to regenerating the soil or simply getting rid of it as you need.


Digging Holes for Concrete Piles

If you’re doing a bit of construction, like a new shed, being able to easily dig holes for concrete piles is important. They help to give your new structure stability. Similarly to a post hole digger, you can find specialist augers to get this job done right. Then you just need to lay the concrete and you’re good to go.


How to Always Pick the Right Auger & Attachment

When it comes to choosing your auger, there’s 3 things to keep in mind


Your Required Diameter & Depth

Just as if you were digging a hole the old-fashioned way with a shovel, knowing the diameter and depth you need is key for picking an auger. You want something that can comfortably create the size of hole that you’re after.


Your Required Force & Durability

Different jobs require different levels of power and toughness from your auger. As a result, you wouldn’t use an auger made to dig holes to plant seedlings for drilling through concrete. If you’re not sure what your auger can handle, check the manufacturer specifications.


Is There a Specialist Auger or Attachment Available?

While an ordinary auger can get the job done, there are also specially designed augers for a whole host of work. From digging fence post holes to smashing up stumps, take a moment to check if there’s a speciality auger around. This will likely do the job better than a general auger.


Ready to Start Digging?

If there’s a few jobs on your to-do list that could be crossed off a lot quicker with the help of an auger, you’re in the right place. Bunyip Equipment has a range of auger drills and attachments to suit all kinds of work.