Earth Auger Drills - The Best Tool for Earth Drilling!

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Whether you are drilling, setting poles and electrical utilities, or just gardening, it is best to be prepared with quality earth drilling equipment. The geological make-up of the ground is, at best, unpredictable. Its conditions can change dramatically, even if they are just a few feet apart. It is for this reason, that so many professionals swear by using the best products you can rely on. You need products that work efficiently and consistently over a long period. Choosing the best and correct tool for earth drilling is a smart investment in whatever work you are going to use it.

What is an Earth Auger? 

One of the most relied on earth drilling tools in the world is an auger. It is not like your regular drill found in your toolbox. An auger is a larger version of your drill-boring bigger holes in large surfaces, an earth auger, however, does something more. As the drill spins and bores a whole on the ground, it carries out the materials it has dug up like a screw conveyor. What started out as a tool used for agriculture, earth augers now vary in shape and size, making it perfect for various drill work in different fields. It also comes with multiple attachments that could ease and make your work faster, and definitely more efficient. Different auger tooth can also be used for this type of earth drilling equipment. 
A small handheld auger, such as Auger Torque, is still used for agriculture, but they can also do other small jobs like digging for a fence post or something similar. While the larger auger, which is attached to machinery, is most commonly used now to drill for oil and minerals. In the industrial field, civil contractors can attest that augers deliver more than double the torque than that of digger derricks, making it possible for them to achieve more downward force on auger tools. Auger drills are more suitable for drilling through harder ground materials and even ice while creating large and deep holes perfect for poles.

Different types of Earth Augers Drill's

Hand Auger

This is the simplest type of earth auger. Hand augers are lightweight, portable, and cheap and are ideal for small jobs requiring less effort, such as gardening, planting small trees and shrubs, or digging small holes. They usually range between 4 inches to 8 inches—the perfect size for small tasks.

One-Man Auger

If hand drills are not cutting it for your task, one-man drills may work for you. Powered by either an engine or battery, a one-man auger makes them an ideal tool for jobs that need deeper drilling that handheld ones cannot manage alone and realistically. But they are also lightweight and easy to use, which makes them best suited for planting a couple of trees, putting up a small fence or drilling through thick ice.

Two-Man Auger

Usually powered by a 2-cycle or 4-cycle engine, these augers require two people to operate as the name suggests. In case you need to dig too many holes and deeper holes across a wider space, a two-man auger with its heavy-duty characteristic is a perfect tool for the job.

Earth Drills/Auger Drills

Commonly used by civil contractors and earthmoving operators, earth drills or an earth auger drill bit are usually attached to machinery like excavators, skid steers, and mini loaders, to name a few. They are perfect to use even from the simplest task of fencing to a significant scientific excavation and exploration.

How to Choose the Best Earth Auger Drill for You?

The selection of the correct auger tool is equally important as selecting the right tool for the job. There are 3 key points that could help you know this: the job you will be using it for, and your personal situation, and your price range. With the ability to use an engine to generate power rather than your arms and wrists, the powered auger is a much quicker and more convenient tool.

They are the best auger to use in case you are working on a larger garden or on farming and creating work that requires a lot of jobs. They make it easy compared to doing it manually, which would not take too long, and using the heavy-duty auger would be unreasonable. However, if you are just planning to use your earth auger for rare and small gardening tasks, then a hand auger is the best tool for you. Using a powered drill for these kinds of tasks is a bit of a waste.

A few things you can also consider to help you choose:

Manual or Mechanical

Like what was mentioned above, aside from the standard auger classes, you may also think about the type of operation you want for your preferred drilling unit. You may choose from either manual or engine-operated models.
 For manual models, these earth augers have scooping mechanisms. However, these units might need a lot of muscle to drag as compared to lifting a can of food. They are also ideal for light-to-medium dig operations. For example, you can use it for extending irrigation trenches.
Seemingly, you will want to shop for a mechanical earth auger. These models could either have gas or electrical engines powering the machines. Gas engines could traverse completely different surfaces, together with exhausting clay and soil. Plus, gas earth augers could also be a perfect resolution to moving hard-to-break rocks out of the method during a digging.

And lastly, electric earth augers are very similar to the gas-powered ones. The only difference is that you will not get suffocated with the gas fumes it will emit. These models are also flexible that will permit you to interchange the blade width for various digging projects. Also, take note that an auger with two-stroke engines is affordable but produces a lot of noise and requires high maintenance, whereas four-stroke machines produce less noise with simpler operation.

Auger Diameter and Depth

Specific earth auger models enable users to change the diameters of the drill to increase the various performance of the tool. For example, you can use a 1.5-inch diameter auger for soil sampling. Remember that the more power needed for the drill or the usage, the larger the diameter you would like for the auger to have. You can also consider a gear reduction feature that is perfect for specific earth augers. This function helps users to use large diameter augers for industrial drilling operations. Think about searching for auger models with easy snap-on extensions for a better time change between various diameters.

Depth Capacity 

Depth is another thing to consider in choosing earth augers. There are specific projects that might need to dig deeper. If you're going to dig deep holes, you might need to use auger drives equipped with powerful engines and large or long auger drill bitsauger drill bit extensionAuger drill bits can go from 2.5 feet to 7.5 feet. Consider searching for earth augers that allow you to switch drill bits easily. In this way, you do not need to buy another machine to compensate for the different drilling tasks' diverse needs, saving you some extra money and time.
The research will help you a lot when it comes to choosing. It is also good to know how much you want to spend and to know precisely the kind of job you are going to do before you start shopping around for the perfect earth auger to fit your needs, for example,
garden drill auger, drill drain auger or an auger post drill bit.

This also applies when purchasing the other auger parts you might need like auger teeth.