What Is an Auger Drill & All Amazing Things You Can Do With It

Date Posted: 21 November 2022 

What Is an Auger Drill & All Amazing Things You Can Do With It main image What Is an Auger Drill & All Amazing Things You Can Do With It image

An auger drill or auger drill attachment is a common sight across construction and agriculture industries. Whether it's installing poles and electrical services or drilling into the ground to grow crops, having an auger drill on hand can undoubtedly make the job far easier.

Of course, while a hydraulic earth auger is a helpful piece of equipment to have on hand for experts, plenty of DIY landscapers love this super substitute for a shovel or post hole digger. In fact, anyone who needs a speedier, more effective method of planting plants, adding to a landscape or digging post holes can get a lot out of an auger drill or attachment.

However, if you’re new to auger drills and are feeling a little sceptical, we’ve got a load of reasons to get you on Team Auger!

What Is an Auger Drill Used for?

An auger is one of the most dependable earth-drilling instruments on the market. It’s a spiral-shaped instrument that is mounted on machinery or can be a standalone piece of equipment. Its primary use is to drill holes in the earth or other hard surfaces. As it drills and digs into the ground, it also acts as a screw conveyor, transporting the materials dug up back to the surface.

Earth augers originated as an agricultural tool but have evolved into a wide range of forms and sizes, with specific types designed to function on particular substrates. Furthermore, you’ll find a vast range of auger attachments that make your standard auger drill more suitable for different tasks, improving efficiency and ease.

One of the most common applications for augers is to drill holes. These may be for solar posts, services poles, or posts in more industrial situations. But it’s in an agricultural environment that augers really shine.

Agricultural augers come in all shapes and sizes, including small handheld devices for digging optimal holes for seeds and seedlings. At the larger end of the spectrum — and what we love to see at Bunyip Equipment — augers make the backbreaking work of setting up new fence posts a simple and fast operation. The same goes for digging larger holes for bigger plants and trees, or other items that need a decent-sized hole.

At the end of the day, auger drills are all about making things easier for you, so you can get the job done quicker — and hundreds of times over if you need to — without feeling the strain.

 How You Stand to Win With an Auger Drill

It’s clear that augers do a lot, but what will change in your day to day?

  • Better & More Precise Digging:

A decent auger will increase the quality of your digging in regard to both speed and power. This means that the work at hand will be accomplished to the greatest level of quality while also being completed faster than if you had tried to dig a hole manually. As a consequence, you may finish more work in a day, whether it's drilling more holes or other farming or construction labour, saving time and even money in the long run.

  • Safer for Both Your Workers & You:

An auger unquestionably saves time, but it also provides health benefits for the individual who uses it. Naturally, digging holes can be an exhausting activity that places significant physical demands on your body. Using an auger will relieve most of the strain and make the process less physically demanding.

Plus, because an auger may operate more efficiently than a person or even a group of people, you can make greater use of your workers' specific abilities, whether they are specialised or general labour. You can thus operate a more efficient company without hiring more workers, while also reducing workplace dangers associated with physical digging.

  • Greater Scope & Range:

One of the most significant advantages of employing an auger is its long reach. In some circumstances, deeper holes will be required. Because of the auger attachment's increased reach, the drill can work around a variety of obstacles such as holes, plants and fences. Furthermore, the increased reach lets you handle more difficult chores. So, at the end of the day, an earth auger attachment offers far more versatility than a handheld option or just plain shovelling.

  • Flexibility & Adaptability:

An auger drill is a highly adaptable instrument because it allows the operator to switch out different components to customise the device for the job at hand. Various auger drill attachments, for example, a hole cleaner, log splitter or log planer can be swapped out easily, to increase the versatility of your auger drill and in turn save you money without having to purchase a whole new piece of equipment.

How to Choose the Perfect Auger Drill for Your Needs

Now that you've decided to purchase an earth auger, the most difficult challenge awaits you: selecting the ideal one for you and your work. With so many options and choices around, this is no simple task. However, choosing the correct auger equipment is critical to completing the work effectively and receiving a good return on your investment. When looking for an auger drill, keep the following considerations in mind.


Your auger diameter is going to determine how wide the hole you dig is. While you can expand the hole’s diameter with multiple digs, it’s not the most efficient or effective way to get the job done. To make the most of your auger drill, we recommend purchasing multiple sized augers that are easy to change out to create different diameters. This way, you can quickly and efficiently dig your hole to the exact specifications you need, in one drill.

Depth Capacity

Another element to consider while selecting the best earth auger is its depth capacity. Some projects necessitate going further than your auger alone. Bunyip Equipment stocks a range of extensions that will help you go the extra distance, both figuratively and literally.

Type & Teeth

There’s a range of surface conditions you may be digging in and knowing what auger attachment to choose can really make a difference. This will come down to how the auger has been designed, along with the teeth it uses. For instance, if you’re just handling average soil or dirt, bladed teeth are best on a tungsten auger. The bladed teeth quickly cut through the soil while the tungsten auger allows you to drill precisely and it is extremely hard wearing. Alternatively, if you were looking to drill through tough rock, you’d want a rock auger with rock pick teeth. While it may be a little more slow going than your standard auger, these are serious pieces of equipment, able to penetrate and break apart hard rock far quicker than other options.

Machine Capacity:

Finally, you must consider your machine's capacity and connections. Auger drives and auger attachments are hydraulically operated and require specific flow rate from your machine. Size does matter when purchasing your auger drill and attachments and it's not always a case of bigger is better! It is worth taking the time to find out which earth drill is suited to your machine and what attachments it can handle, without overworking your equipment. A simple conversation with our experts can put you on the right track and get you working with the augers best suited for the job.

Want to Know Where to Get Your Auger?

Getting an auger drill to tackle tough work is a no-brainer for a lot of people. Of course, it’s all about shopping smart. This means picking the right auger for your needs and budget, as well as choosing a quality option that won’t let you down two days out of the box. Thankfully, that’s where Bunyip Equipment comes in. We’ve years of experience in the agricultural and industrial machinery environment and know just about all there is to know about augers. We can help you find the right auger for your uses, and ensure that you get a tool you can rely on. So be sure to check out auger packages today!